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Since 2014 we have been organizing Tour de Europe (breathtaking mototouring trips to distant corners of our continent) for a group of max. 10 experienced riders. Only the route is planned in advance (4500 km – 5500 km) and that we will be on the road for 12 days. Nothing else. Not a mile of interstate, toll road or busy cities. We ride in all weather conditions. The adventure can start!


Usually Tour de Europe starts in the second half of May - it is no longer cold (most of the passes are open), April rainstorms are mostly gone and the roads are not filled with tourists.

Our services

The participation fee, which includes the rental motorcycle, starts at €129 (incl. VAT) per day. You just get on your bike and let the guide – Milos – lead you through the best roads in Europe.

Included in the price

  • Motorcycle of your choice
  • Carefully planned route
  • Preparation meeting before the tour
  • Tour guide for the whole adventure
  • Finding & negotiation of hotels each night
  • Technical support
  • Delivery of spare bike within 24 hours
  • Transport: airport/hotel and back
  • Transport: hotel/motorcycle rental and back

Not included in the price

  • Accomodation (€15 – €45/day, based on the country visited)
  • Fuel (up to €20/day)
  • Food & drinks
  • Ferryboat and other entry fees

Our bikes

We rent new or demo Yamaha and KTM motorcycles. Our rental company has no limit on kilometres and there are no other hidden charges. Rental bikes are fully insured (theft, crash damage, etc.). Other accessories such as helmets, clothing, cases, etc. can also be rented.

I want it!

If you are seriously interested in riding with us, please contact us at Majority of the places are taken in advance by our repeat customers from USA but we can always find a place or two for you. In case you bring your own bike the daily fee can be lowered accordingly.

Tour de Europe 2018

Tour de Europe 2018 was all about discovering the best of Italy. After riding through Germany (legendary road B500 in the BlackForest) we headed south to the Dolomites to experience the true alpine roads. We stayed a couple nights in the town of Cavalese and toured the area. Then we properly explored the beauties of Tuscany and ended up in the birth place of Valentino Rossi – a picturesque village of Tavullia. The last days of the tour went through Austria and the majestic Grosglockner and surrounding lakes. Total of 5500 km in 12 days and through 7 countries.

Tour de Europe 2017

Tour de Europe 2017 was nicknamed „The Balkan tour“ as we toured most of the Balkan Peninsula. We toured 9 countries (Czech republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Italy and Germany). Most interesting places: Kopaonik National Park (Serbia), Lake Skadar (Montenegro), Bojana Island (by Albanian border), The Adriatic Highway (Croatia), Triglav National Park (Slovenia), Grossglockner High Alpine Road (Austria) and much, much more.

Tour de Europe 2016

The 2016 will feature a spectacular trip from our HQ in Brno all the way to Barcelona and back. We will go from Brno to Grossglockner (High Alpine Road) then to the Italian coast line near Genova and we will follow the coast all the way to Barcelona. We will go through famous Cote d`Azur with towns like Monaco, Canes, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, etc.

Kontrola pneumatik

From Barcelona we went to the Pyrenees through Andorra and from there to the Millau Viaduct (tallest bridge in the world). From there we went to Switzerland along some beautiful lakes and alpine passes. During the last stage of the trip we visited Berchtesgaden and the Eagle`s Nest in Germany. In total we were on the road for 12 days and we rode over 5000 km. Twisty roads, no autobahns, very many spectacular sights!

Tour de Europe 2015

In 2015 we rode the entire Croatian coast all the way down to Bar, Montenegro. We then took a ferry from Bar to Bari in Italy and we rode through scenic Italian national parks all the way to the Alps. Of course we couldn`t skip PassodelloStelvio and other awesome roads and sites. We rode 6100 km through 7 countries (Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy) and it took us 10 days. Watch a short video from this trip below.


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